Dihoo Records Label Presents Deker

Dihoo Records Label Presents Deker
Deker, a game-changing contemporary artiste, brings a refreshing mix of catchy local flavour and rhythmic hip hop to the Nigerian music scene. Born Bernard Deker Chukwuka, the stage name is derived from his middle name which means “piercing” in Hebrew.

Born to parents from the South-Eastern part of the country, Deker had his early childhood in Abuja, the nation’s capital, before moving to Lagos, unarguably Nigeria’s entertainment heartbeat. This cosmopolitan exposure shapes his music as he seamlessly weaves lyrics through English, Ibo and Yoruba languages; winning a broad-based appeal across diverse audiences.

Deker has always been noted for his musical abilities. He composed his first original song, titled Chinazor, at age three. In 2008, he became the leader of the popular band “Sango Boys” based in Ogun State, South-West Nigeria, where he adopted the moniker “J’Ben.” After the group split, he relocated to Lagos and re-branded as a solo act under the new name, Deker. He has been involved in several musical projects since.

He says, “Music is a strong part of me that I cannot do without. My songs are piercing signatures that imprint themselves on the soul of those that hear them. You just cannot shake them off.

“I have a strong drive for success and have excelled in almost every project I engaged in. I have many skills and can do many things; however, music has always been my greatest strength so I decided to go with the flow.”

Deker is the first artiste on the Dihoo Records label

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